"I'm Alive" (featuring Sulfur & MC​-​3PO)

by Vince Vandal

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Fallout-based track in celebration of the release of Fallout 4.

Watch the music video here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=dE0IBoXjjis


That 2077 air...

It was like it was yesterday
Baby blue Corvega in the driveway
While kids playin’ underneath the sunrays
Disobeyin’ calls to come inside from they moms
While I’m lookin’ through the window, eating bowls full of Sugar Bombs
Om nom on the Dandy Boy and Fancy Lad
Other places hurtin’ but here it ain’t bad
With that Vault-Tec in the check for the fam
Peering in the mirror, finish deciding who I am

Who I am is a big change; yesterday a nobody
Only bodies left now; hive with that slow honey
Gotta put the work in if you want the reward
Not that I’m complainin’, don’t know what they’re saving me for
Bang-bang-bangin’ on the walls, in the tin like Cram
Out in the world I was a nothin’, here I know just who I am
I’m a man down in the depths, got clean air in my chest
A cruel jest, but at best I’ve only prayers for all the rest

I’m alive
Deep down underground with the others
I’m all right
Rebuild a better world for my brothers
I survive
No evil gonna snap my spine
So I fight
Nobody gonna take what’s mine

(It’s all over…)

And now the mutants are shooting’ and radioactive pollutants
And seepin’ deeper like the Reaper got a street sweeper recruiting’
(All in) Know that
(Swing a) Baseball bat

Hittin’ VATS, scatter that and set to the attack
I’m a bad, bad man, and I’m full manic
Fiends flamin’, playing, preying while we all panic
(Stay cool) Keep it level, pull the lever, bye forever

That’s life, c’est la vie, got no time for somethin’ clever
Gripping on these caps like (what up, vendors)
Mysterious Stranger, when in danger, leave ‘em all dismembered
Piles of cinders from the energy weapons
In a field of landmines, all ain’t no half-steppin’

And no half-measures; enemies ahead of me, I put to sleep
So endlessly; the rifle, or is it something that's inside of me?
It’s do or die survival, seems that I’ve got what it takes, and
I’m making for the city (time to win over the Wasteland)


released November 11, 2015



all rights reserved


Vince Vandal Baltimore, Maryland

Producer, Gamer, Otaku.

A Baltimore native expressing himself the best way he knows how: through music.

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